Bill Clinton

The Supreme Court justice underwent treatment for pancreatic cancer last month.
The president said he thought it was "fine" to retweet the conspiracy because it came from a person with lots of Twitter followers.
Late night hosts, including Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, went after President Donald Trump for retweeting conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide.
Late night comics used their shows to confront President Donald Trump for retweeting conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide that involve former president Bill Clinton.
“He’s always been a racist, he’s always been a con artist, and he’s always been a conspiracy theorist," said the "Late Night" host.
The president retweeted multiple unfounded claims hours after convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide.
Clinton's opinion piece on his 1994 ban comes on the heels of three mass shootings across the U.S.
FX announced the former White House intern's involvement in the show this week.
The former first daughter announced the arrival of a second son with husband Marc Mezvinsky on Monday morning.
The former president released a statement claiming he hasn't spoken to the accused sex trafficker in over a decade.
William Cohen also predicted the party in Washington D.C. would become an annual event under Trump.
Republicans should be just as incensed as they were about accusations against Bill Clinton, writes Kellyanne Conway's husband.
Campaigning on policy doesn't work for every Democrat. Here's why it seems to be working for her.
Now, he’s just discarding his position in exactly the same way Al Gore did.
“It’s hard to find words, my mind is flooded with memories of him today."
In an interview with HuffPost, Booker called the 1994 law “awful” and “shameful.”
Franklin Haney's political donation came as he was seeking regulatory approval and financial support for his bid to acquire an Alabama nuclear plant.
"You’re becoming the judge and jury," complained Graham, who said in the late '90s that ignoring a congressional subpoena was an impeachable offense.
But the radio host was unsuccessful with his "all-out campaign" to interview the then-Democratic candidate on his show before the 2016 election.