Bill Clinton

You think this is a pivot? Bill Clinton will show you a pivot.
Carter recently entered home hospice care in Georgia.
“It took me 22 years to be able to watch 'The West Wing,'" the former White House intern admitted in an article for Vanity Fair.
Bono hit New York City this week for the Clinton Global Initiative, adding more to the conversation than just his input and wisdom. The U2 singer revealed that he can do a shockingly good impression of Former President Bill Clinton, impersonating Clinton speaking about meeting Bono and berating him for his casual dress. The politician took the gag in stride, noting that he is very easy to make fun of.
The literary agent gained national prominence for advising her friend Linda Tripp to secretly tape Tripp’s conversations with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
One was contrite, the other just bragged. Here are the very different statements that President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump gave after their impeachment acquittals.
“As I’m sure many can understand, my thoughts about Ken Starr bring up complicated feelings…" the former White House intern's tweet began.
The tradition of having the current president host the unveiling of a former president's portrait last happened with Obama hosted George W. Bush in 2012.
The former president offered tips on advocating for reasonable gun control on "The Late Late Show."
The portraits of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush are back on display in the White House after Donald Trump removed them during his administration.