Bill Kristol

The spot warns about the election security threat and urges the Senate to act.
A GOP organization accuses the president of violating his oath and says "the remedy" is for Congress to act.
Pete Buttigieg, Adam Schiff, Bill Kristol and Eric Holder were among the raft of high-profile figures who condemned Trump’s unexpected announcement.
"If Trump told them to amend the Constitution and toss out the Bill of Rights, they’d likely do it."
The video of Pence from 2014 clashes with the Trump administration's current stance.
The conservative commentator told CNN he expects the president's speech promoting border wall funding to go nowhere.
Many took the opportunity to remind the president of his own failed businesses, while others questioned where he learned the word 'prognosticator.
“America needs an attorney general who doesn’t play politics," an ad says.
The notorious GOP operative said Jake Tapper and Don Lemon should be "punished."
The Weekly Standard editor wanted a #NeverTrump candidate. And he nearly got one.
The media's responsibility is not only to report the facts, but to do so in a truthful and balanced manner. Too often it does not, preferring to perpetuate controversies to gain readership or ratings.
The conservative pundit suggested the show's hosts enabled Trump with softball interviews.
Trump backed his personal Titanic up again and again, and tried to just ram through the iceberg, over and over. He was even up early this morning, providing yet another day's legs for this story.
Kristol won't admit it during one of his many television appearances, but his recruitment of French tells us all we need to know about his stewardship of the #NeverTrump movement: it has been a colossal disaster.