Bill Kristol

"Talk about saying the quiet part loud," tweeted conservative commentator Bill Kristol.
The conservative commentator called it "the inflection point of failure" when we "tripped and fell, not to get back up easily again."
Republicans for the Rule of Law launches ad campaign thanking the Utah senator.
"You don’t need to hear from Americans with first-hand knowledge who worked with me. Believe Putin!" tweeted conservative commentator Bill Kristol.
The ad from a Republican group will air during "Fox & Friends" in Washington.
The spot warns about the election security threat and urges the Senate to act.
A GOP organization accuses the president of violating his oath and says "the remedy" is for Congress to act.
Pete Buttigieg, Adam Schiff, Bill Kristol and Eric Holder were among the raft of high-profile figures who condemned Trump’s unexpected announcement.
"If Trump told them to amend the Constitution and toss out the Bill of Rights, they’d likely do it."
The video of Pence from 2014 clashes with the Trump administration's current stance.