Bill O'Reilly

The disgraced former Fox News host's rhetorical question backfired.
During an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Bill O’Reilly continued his crusade against those living in poverty by saying it does not exist.
The right-wing personalities have a head-spinning chat about poor Americans on Hannity's radio show.
Twitter users unloaded on the former Fox News host for one of his most tone-deaf comments yet.
President Donald Trump now admits to sending his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine to coerce a foreign government to investigate his potential political opponent Joe Biden. Trump had previously denied any involvement in Giuliani’s trips to Ukraine.
After Andrew Yang dropped out of the presidential race, Bill O’Reilly tried to taunt him, but ended up crashing and burning.
The former Fox News host's attempt to mock universal basic income becomes an uncomfortable reminder of his own history.
The disgraced former Fox News host's snap with his dog is going viral for the wrong reasons.
"Go back on Fox," the conservative host told his disgraced ex-colleague, who was fired amid sexual misconduct allegations in 2017.
The former Fox News host boosted a get-rich-quick company that promised to make you a millionaire and stop cancer, too.