Bill O'Reilly

The disgraced conservative pundit, who previously seemed indifferent to casualties of this broadly-applied law, is now naturally aghast.
The former Fox News host tore into his ex-employer.
In a 2003 interview with C-SPAN, the Fox News host said "there is a deep phoniness at the center of [O'Reilly's] schtick."
“You're going to lose your job,” the former Fox TV host is heard telling the JetBlue employee in the clip.
Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers told Bill O'Reilly on Tuesday that she's had enough of his dismissive comments about liberals.The comments came when Powers and O'Reilly debated immigration on his Fox News show. Powers pointed out that contrary to what O'Reilly suggested, manual labor jobs don't require higher education, and argued that many Irish people who immigrated to the country in the 1800s would have been on welfare if it had existed back then.
After Andrew Yang dropped out of the presidential race, Bill O’Reilly tried to taunt him, but ended up crashing and burning.
The former president showed up for his Houston event nearly two hours late.
There were supposed to be "Big crowds!" for Trump and O'Reilly's "History Tour" in Florida. Not so much, the Orlando Sentinel reports.
The comedian explained why the ex-president's gigs with the disgraced former Fox News personality are typical Trump.
Ticket sales were so lackluster the upper tier of the arena was shut down, reports the Sun Sentinel.