Bill Richardson

The World Resources Institute shed one board member named in the Jeffrey Epstein case. Now another director's Trump donations are causing a stir.
Communities are eager to tap into the growing commercial space industry.
Bill Richardson said the board "is likely to become a cheerleading squad for government policy."
“My objective, along with the chairman of the commission, is to get them out while we are there in Myanmar."
Novel solutions have emerged that could unlock forest restoration investment.
By Austin Sarat, Amherst College Ending the death penalty in the United States won’t be easy. After death penalty abolitionists
Ending the death penalty in the United States won’t be easy. After death penalty abolitionists slowly pushed toward its elimination
Merely stopping employers from forbidding employees to disclose their pay to co-workers will do almost nothing to close the decades-old 21 percent pay gap between women and men working full-time, year round.
Most things can be found in Myanmar now (and cheaply) but books are still costly for most Myanmar people or just not accessible. Mindy Walker, who works with the Richardson Center for Global Engagement in Myanmar, tries to get colorful books into children's hands.
Former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, who has participated in negotiations with North Korea since the collapse of
Would everyday Americans who make the same mistake be helped by our government? We need to be assured by their word and deed.
Richardson also addressed his contentious Obama endorsement, telling King that former President Bill Clinton still has hard
Life in the White House is demanding not just for the commander-in-chief, however. While a recent study found that more than
To hear more, watch the clip above and the full interview below. Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson joined HuffPost Live
Obama said Congress should pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that would outlaw the practice of prohibiting employees from discussing their pay with others, and also allow the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to collect some pay data by race and gender. But it's half a loaf at best.
"Meet the Press" host David Gregory asked Richardson whether he thinks Clinton is "vulnerable to criticism as secretary of
In addition to his tips on negotiating, Richardson also had advice for President Obama, after seeing the government shutdown and last-minute deal making in Washington.
Preventing the full breadth of U.S. climate change risks -- from sea-level rise and extreme weather and climate events -- will require action at all levels. Everyone from local counties in Florida to the federal government has a critical role to play.