Bill Taylor

“In the contest between democracies and autocracies, the contest between freedom and unfreedom, Ukraine is the front line," warned Bill Taylor.
Sources familiar with the departure shared the details with NBC News.
Holmes overheard Gordon Sondland, who gave a bombshell testimony Wednesday, on the phone with Donald Trump discussing dealings with Ukraine.
A diplomat told investigators in the impeachment inquiry he overheard the president's call with U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland.
This week's first public impeachment hearing failed to satisfy Republican senators, who continued to dismiss bombshell witness testimony as simply "hearsay."
"We have a different dynamic after today," said the Watergate reporter after the first public impeachment hearing against Trump.
"Late Show" host says one moment of the hearing stands out more than any other.
Diplomats Bill Taylor and George Kent were the first two witnesses to publicly testify in the House's impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.
Lawmakers spent the first public hearing of the impeachment inquiry contradicting themselves and advancing confusing conspiracy theories.
At the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry, State Department officials say Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy backchannel "undercut" U.S. policy on Ukraine.