Birth Control

Democratic lawmakers, including 2020 candidates, are backing bills to make birth control pills available without a prescription and covered by insurance.
Experts share how tracking ovulation, periods and fertility with apps like Natural Cycles stacks up against other methods.
Several 2020 Democratic candidates signed on to a similar bill in the Senate, to make birth control available without a prescription and covered by insurance.
The 17-year-old giraffe became a viral sensation after Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, put her births online.
The Femm app attacks hormonal birth control as unsafe and unreliable, according to The Guardian.
"Abortion bans aren’t just about controlling women’s bodies," the lawmaker tweeted.
A Washington state judge overruled a plan to make it harder for women seeking birth control at clinics offering abortion services.
Medical experts share the steps you should take and how to stay calm through it all.
Plus tips on how to make the cramping more tolerable.
Researchers documented a surge of women seeking long-term forms of contraception.
California and the other states argue that women would be forced to turn to state-funded programs for birth control and experience unintended pregnancies.
Most men expect and assume women will “take care of” contraception and can barely be bothered to use a condom.
Religious groups, nonprofits and small businesses will soon be allowed to deny insurance coverage of birth control for "religious or moral" reasons.
Doctors share what you need to know about contraception and getting pregnant in the future.
The Supreme Court nominee followed up on his controversial comments in a written statement.
Two things: ancient beliefs about when life begins and modern-day political opportunism.
An anti-choice Christian minister says she follows their faith to the letter. Still, her insurance company’s own religious beliefs denied her the affordable birth control she and her husband needed, thanks to legal rulings supported by judges like Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Trump's Supreme Court nominee defended his support of Priests for Life on the third day of his hearing.
Educate yourself on the side effects now, and know what to expect later.
Plus a guide on how to fix the issue.