Blood Libel

During the Middle Ages, the death of a Christian child was often blamed on Jews. Sometimes one Jew would be murdered in “retaliation
Wouldn't you assume that the newly established Church would want its devotees to immerse themselves in the sanctioned New Testament, especially since the Church went to great lengths to eliminate competing Gospels?
Under current New York law, an accusation is first vetted by an independent investigator. (In New York City, that's the special
Sarah Palin's infamous "blood libel" video reacting to the Arizona shooting caused no small amount of controversy. Now, New
In sharp contrast to Palin, President Obama's poll numbers surged after he helped the country not only mourn the tragedy
Precise and measured description is now an untraveled path in contemporary political discourse. "Life and death are in the power of the tongue." Let us speak more carefully.
What will it take to ensure that the US's future greatness? Start by putting down the Ritalin and the remote control. Rather
While there is reason to believe Palin has interest in the presidency, she does not treat it as a quest that should be pursued systematically, and will not permit it to distract from her broader agenda of generating as much money for herself as possible.
As for her use of "blood libel" terminology, Sekoff poised an important question: "Why does the party of the angry white
So, as we have done with other tragedies, we slowly resist the urge to make sense of the event and shift instead to rituals
No conversation about the death penalty was harder for me than the one I had in late 1994 with the families of Dr. Bayard Britton and clinic volunteer Jim Barrett.
Some Jewish groups strongly protested her use of the term, which historically was used to accuse Jews of using blood of Christians
Crisis creates temporary unity, but the threat of catastrophe works longer and stronger to bring people together. My hope is that the tipping point has arrived.
Blood libels aside, this week was dominated by talk of ratcheting down the tone of our political discourse and upping the civility. But the president went further, asking us to "use this occasion to expand our moral imaginations" and "sharpen our instincts for empathy." And he went further still and defined the challenge ahead: "to constantly widen the circle of our concern so that we bequeath the American Dream to future generations." The State of the Union is a great opportunity to put flesh and blood on this challenge. The president needs to address both of the ways his administration proposes to "widen the circle of our concern," and the ways citizens can sharpen their instincts for empathy by reaching out to those in need -- rebuilding lives and communities. Without this combined effort, bequeathing the American Dream to future generations will remain just an eloquent rhetorical flourish.
In what will hopefully be her political "last hurrah" as a presidential contender, Sarah Palin has revealed her small-minded
In light of the recent blood libel manufactured against Sarah "Sarahleh Palinsky" Palin, I present the following video, made during the 2008 campaign, in which Jews communicate why they support Palin and consider her a member of the tribe.
It seems the entire power structure of the order is behind her. In a 2007 sermon, Glazier said that God had spoken to Palin
• The difference between a standard-capacity ammo magazine and a high-capacity ammo magazine is almost meaningless -- until
Sarah Palin will give her first interview since the Arizona shootings--and her controversial "blood libel" video--to Fox
Here we go again. Sarah Palin has ratcheted up the rhetoric. In her words, chastising the media, she proclaimed, "within