Bloomberg L.P.

Government agencies that would know about such an order have no record of one, Bloomberg News reported.
Former Bloomberg News reporter Christie Smythe said she's "open to it," but still didn't give the heave-ho to the reviled "pharma bro."
Christie Smythe told Elle she has "purpose" in her romance with the imprisoned "pharma bro."
He defends his personal fortune by defending Xi Jinping.
The candidate said there are three women who have made complaints about his behavior, and he will not oppose them if they decide to speak publicly.
The company that made Michael Bloomberg his billions has told government watchdogs it hires fewer women and pays them less than men.
An adviser said the billionaire “will be 180 degrees away from where Donald Trump is on these issues."
The outlet founded by Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg had promised not to investigate the former New York City mayor or his rivals.
The reelection campaign is retaliating against Michael Bloomberg's media company for deciding not to investigate its boss or any of his Democratic rivals.
Kathy Kiely, a former Washington editor, said the move "undermines the credibility" of the organization.