Bob McDonnell

The McDonnell v. U.S. decision limited what prosecutors can charge as public corruption.
That's how much the disgraced Virginia governor owes his lawyers after a watershed Supreme Court win.
The move comes after the Supreme Court unanimously threw out the governor's convictions.
Besides Ferrari rides and a ton of high-end golf attire, Bob McDonnell scored a custom monogrammed Rolex that spelled out his job title at the time, "71st Governor of Virginia," which was either a futile reminder or a grim joke.
The justices ruled that federal prosecutors overreached when going after the former governor for corruption.
And all for the sake of Virginia's gifty Ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell, of all people.
The former Virginia governor's appeal could redefine the rules of government corruption.
This case deserves much more attention than it has received so far, because it provides an opportunity for the Court to limit the harm it caused by Citizens United and previous cases by ruling that giving money to politicians amounts to free speech, and hence basically cannot be curbed. It could correct what amounts to legalized bribery by ruling that you may give all you wish -- but not get any material benefits in return.
What is remarkable about Bob McDonnell's case is not the technical arguments he makes, but the sheer brazenness with which he and many his supporters defend his conduct.