Bob Menendez

A bipartisan group of senators announced plans to try to block Trump’s weapons sales to the United Arab Emirates after HuffPost revealed the effort was in the works.
Stephen Akard stepped down just two days after Democrats issued subpoenas for several of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s top aides.
The Senate's resolution for the first time condemns the Ottoman Empire's 1915 genocide that killed 1.5 million Armenians, striking a historic blow against Turkey.
Senators announced a bill to give humanitarian protection to Bahamians devastated by Hurricane Dorian, after reports that the Trump administration wouldn’t.
Congressional opposition to military support for Saudi Arabia has been growing, and lawmakers have blocked about $2 billion in weapon sales.
The president hasn't used new powers on human rights sanctions granted by Congress or mentioned a crisis that experts describe as akin to ethnic cleansing.
Lawmakers had instructed President Donald Trump to order an investigation into Khashoggi's killing by invoking the Global Magnitsky Act.
The shutdown is wreaking havoc on prisons across the country.
They want to know whether Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was personally responsible.
Menendez prevailed despite facing ethics questions and a well-funded GOP opponent.