Bobby Jindal

Blanco was Louisiana's first elected female governor.
The recent appointment of Betsy DeVos has proved one thing - conservatives are far more concerned about politics than they
According to campaign finance data compiled by the National Institute on Money in State Politics, Scott has raised $84.4
Should Trump lose the upcoming election, Pence would be wise to follow a strategy similar to the one employed by Nixon. Like Nixon, he will not be constrained by a full-time job. He can spend 2018 campaigning for Republican candidates across the nation, collecting IOU's, and keeping his name in the news.
Donald Trump has now officially selected Mike Pence for his running mate. This means it'll be a Trump/Pence ticket. Create your own humorous talking point around this matchup.
This is a once in a political lifetime chance for the Libertarians to present themselves as a viable and credible alternative to the electoral hegemony the Democrats and Republicans currently enjoy.
Three: The struggle for AAPIs to garner greater recognition within the political mainstream is also compounded by ongoing
Republicans are finally coming around to the idea of a Trump presidency.
It is now official. Seventeen candidates ran for the Republican presidential nomination, and the sixteenth of these just suspended his campaign. This leaves Donald Trump as the last man standing.
Mississippi's current political leaders travel to the beat of a different dumber. Whenever another state does something particularly outrageous that threatens to lead it to claiming the title of worst, Mississippi can be counted on to save it by doing something worse.