Border Wall

Trump visited Arizona to tout 212 miles of new fence — but only three were built where there was previously no barrier.
Fisher Sand and Gravel won another $400 million bid to build part of the border wall last year, although that contract is being audited by the Pentagon.
Residents of Arivaca in southern Arizona are fighting to save migrants’ lives — and scrambling to protect their own — as the coronavirus sweeps the nation.
Dynamo has previously hit the headlines for appearing to levitate beside a London double-decker bus and walk on water across the River Thames.
"The Daily Show" host also wondered why some who are convinced Jesus will protect them are stocking up on guns.
A donor who spent time with the president said Trump believed the pandemic could help boost his "America First" agenda.
“These sites are not only sacred to the Nation; they are a part of our shared cultural heritage as United States citizens."
Cheap rebar ladders that hook over barriers blend in with the steel rods, say border agents.
A day before, he boasted about the strength of his wall.
Trump had made a "big beautiful wall" a signature campaign promise in 2016.