Border Wall

Yet he's chosen to join GOP border state governors in dumping people in cities run by Democrats, an idea Senate leader Mitch McConnell called a "good" one.
The former White House adviser is facing state-level charges after receiving a presidential pardon from Donald Trump over federal fraud allegations.
A spokesman for Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) said he doubted that large containers placed at the U.S.-Mexico border fell due to the weather.
Community activists said officials told them the construction wouldn’t include “pedestrian gate access” to the park.
Brian Kolfage has admitted to pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars donors gave him to privately fund Donald Trump's border wall project.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced he plans to keep building Trump’s border wall.
Donald Trump’s $15 billion border wall has reportedly been breached thousands of times by using cheap power tools.
A new report says Trump's wall was breached thousands of times with "inexpensive power tools."
He'll live, but all or part of his right hind leg will be amputated. "We hope the criminal who shot Mr. Goodbar will be brought to justice," said a wildlife advocate.
A Mexican gray wolf named Mr. Goodbar couldn't surmount mankind's "stark monument to stupidity."