Borscht Film Festival

It's live now on Vimeo. Biscayne World is Ahol's short movie that he made in late 2014 with Borscht. And it ain't because
Remember Game 5 of the 2012 NBA Finals, when the Heat's creaky Mike Miller, who hadn't made a three-pointer in the previous
Tony and his dance partner must train to win a Latin dance competition and use the winnings to save a family business. It
Borscht 8 is a festival run by a group of young, ambitious, scurrilous filmmakers who could use a little more narrative, a little less metaphor. A little more commercial scene and a little less art house reflection.
It was a dark night. Aggression steeped through virtually all of the shorts. After alluding to the film being pulled all
"There aren't any other life forms on the planet that are as natural fluorescent as living corals; this is something that
Basically, #PostModem's characters simultaneously try to transcend with and against technology, or more specifically the
What do you crave most? Good feature length films being made in the studio system? Favorite 'Only in Miami' moment? Either
"The film's about a crackhead slicing up arts patrons with a katana sword," Kane laughs. "Can't ask for more than that." Outlandish
Basel's finally over, thank goodness, but don't get too rested: our very own Borscht Film Festival begins this week with
The Cleveland Orchestra, which has become Miami’s resident winter symphony, will receive $2 million. The new funding also
In the 12-minute, neon-hued, tripped-out film, Barfar the Wolfman Mystic guides Bosh on his journey into our reality. "Bosh's
At last year's fest, one film in particular encapsulated a throbbing 'Only In Miami" vibe. "Piratas" tells the true tale
HuffPost Miami spoke with Hevia, who is also one of the cofounders of the Borscht Film Festival, about Miami's art ecosystem
Here's to you, Miami, and to the filmmakers that live among us (warning: strong language): Some people weren't that enthusiastic
We'd all like to think that if -- er, when -- the Zombie Apocalypse comes, our faithful canine friends will defend us to
It’s a bit of a cliché, an American independent filmmaker making a film inspired by a classic French art film. But Jillian
Upcoming projects you're working on: I'm finishing an album and building the Tropical Magic Studios with Nagib. Plus I'm
Jillian Mayer's insane viral video I Am Your Grandma will screen as part of SXSW's riskier programming, Midnight Shorts. Four