Brazil Protests

Protesters held demonstrations against the new Brazilian leader at state capitals across the country.
SAO PAULO -- On August 31st, President Dilma Rousseff was impeached by the Brazilian Senate. After five long days of debate 61 senators out of 81, far more than the two thirds majority required to remove a president, condemned her for fiscal and budgetary crimes.
The rise of conservative and LGBT-phobic speech by public figures like Jair Bolsonaro -- besides deserving of the hashtag #SantaIndignação (#HolyIndignation) -- is one of the main factors contributing to the deadly wave of violence against Brazil's LGBT population.
This is not to say that cities in developing nations don't deserve the honor of hosting Olympics, but simply that resources poured into these countries would be better spent improving cities for the people who will continue living them long after Olympics have moved on.
This is the latest cabinet casualty for interim President Michel Temer.
The Rio Games are two months away, but the crises facing Brazil will last much longer.