Brett Kavanaugh

The crew that organized a protest outside a D.C. steakhouse where Brett Kavanaugh was dining apparently has some more demonstrations to dish up.
Apparently there's nothing in the Constitution that specifically protects eating in peace, quipped one Twitter wag.
The senator's vote was pivotal to the confirmation of the conservative justice to the Supreme Court in 2018.
Kavanaugh and John Roberts have staked their claim to the Supreme Court's center for any future gun control litigation.
This survivor of sexual assault has been struggling in a political landscape that, at times, has invalidated her experiences and those of other survivors. Her story is a reminder of why voting in the midterm elections is more important than ever.
Police say the man threatened to kill the Supreme Court justice.
"Being polite doesn't get you anywhere," said an activist outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh's house.
The court's decision overturning Roe v. Wade makes clear the farcical nature of the judicial nomination process.
"I do not believe Brett Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v. Wade," the GOP senator, who claims to back abortion rights, said in 2018.
The top Democrats excoriated conservative justices who they say have "ripped up the Constitution" and who are "in no way accountable to the American people."