Brett Kavanaugh

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse suggested the FBI’s probe into Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations was “just as flawed” as the agency's investigation into Larry Nassar.
Jennifer Sung signed a 2018 letter making that claim about the then-Supreme Court nominee. She wouldn’t disavow it in her Senate confirmation hearing.
The Maine Republican claimed Kavanaugh told her Roe v. Wade was "settled law." Doesn't look that way today.
The FBI revealed that it had received 4,500 tips and had provided “all relevant” ones to the White House counsel’s office.
Despite the ruling, the CDC eviction ban is still scheduled to expire at the end of July.
The bureau is facing allegations it failed to interview witnesses while investigating sexual assault allegations against the now-Supreme Court justice in 2018.
With insurance for 21 million Americans at stake, Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh hint they think GOP arguments are weak.
The Trump appointee affirms Trump’s suspicions about late-counted ballots and lays out his desire to block state courts from expanding voting rights.
Eight justices are getting back to work Monday at a most unusual, politically fraught moment in American history.
Their race has shattered fundraising records and is now among the more closely watched Senate contests of this cycle.