Brian Williams

The MSNBC host and the New York Times' Mara Gay praised a tweet with a startling — and incorrect — claim.
Michael Steele ripped Republican lawmakers who raised "their damn hand to swear an oath that they know they’re not going to defend nor uphold."
The "Girls" star and the Facebook executive have been married nearly four years.
The clip he tweeted is from September 2018, and it shows construction work on a barrier that already existed.
"The president is not well at all mentally. I think he’s an extreme narcissist."
“This is what the founders were worried about in the 1790s.”
The former secretary of state said James Mattis' resignation is "a continuation of a crisis that too many people have been too content to live with."
For a TV executive, Andy Lack has an unusual problem: sky-high ratings.
It highlighted for me how we can all make buffoons of ourselves in the face of diversity.