Brian Williams

The “M3gan” star, and daughter of journalist Brian Williams, gave a refreshingly self-aware take on the privileges she’s been afforded thanks to nepotism.
It “should scare you to no end,” Williams said in his final "11th Hour" monologue.
“I have been allowed to spend almost half of my life with one company," he said. "NBC is a part of me and always will be.”
The MSNBC anchor mocked the right-wing network after reports of AT&T’s involvement in its creation and funding.
The MSNBC host signed off with one heck of a zinger.
The MSNBC anchor invited viewers to see the truth of the MeidasTouch commercial.
"Cancun Cruz" gets a new nickname after the Texas senator's "latest and remarkably stupid lapse in judgment" on American troops, Williams noted.
"There’s the proof that it’s just a culture war talking point," said "The 11th Hour" host Brian Williams.
The MSNBC host promised "exclusive" footage of the former president's time with the House Republican leader -- then cut to something hilariously different.
"Would we have 300,000 dead if he’d been this diligent, this persistent about our uncontrolled pandemic?" the MSNBC host asked.