The actor returns to the New York stage this month in "Pay the Writer," playing a "gay man of a certain age" who "wants love but has failed in finding it."
In "The Cottage," Bundy and playwright Sandy Rustin deliver a "beautiful feminist message" through sexy and hilarious high jinks.
In “Here Lies Love,” Jacobs portrays former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos as a disco-pop diva with a dark side who traumatized a nation.
The actor said that things got so bad, her parents flew to New York to try to convince her to leave the Broadway production.
Lauren Pazienza, 28, has agreed to serve eight years in prison for the act of manslaughter that killed 87-year-old Barbara Maier Gustern.
The stage actor was known for his roles in "Mamma Mia!" and "Wicked."
The “Frozen” star says her ego took a hit when she was cast as the mom of an actor just 15 years younger than her.
The New York actor's death was confirmed by his sister, Roxy Hall.
Maybe "fightin' fire with fire" was generating too many bad headlines for Byrne.
Newell and Ghee were also the first openly nonbinary actors to earn Tony nominations.