Zoo officials said the joey will spend a lot of time in his mom’s pouch with just its head sticking out, but will eventually spend short periods of time outside the pouch.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced Wednesday that the Grammy-winning rapper had offered the financial relief for victims of the fire in the Bronx, where she grew up.
She disappeared by the time security got to the scene, and was apparently unharmed.
“My wife had to stay out of the exhibit with my sleeping son, so I wanted to capture a lot of video,” the videographer explained. “Then this magic happened.”
Food and manufacturing workers in the Bronx are calling for higher wages and better health care. Their congresswoman joined them.
Black and brown activists are demolishing a pervasive — and racist — media narrative about protests against police brutality.
“If I didn’t have a primary, I wouldn’t care,” the congressman said while asking for the chance to speak at a news conference.
Six other big cats have also developed symptoms, the zoo said in a statement.
"This is for us," the Bronx, New York-born member of Congress said of the stairway that has now become a tourist attraction.
Zoo officials are now pursuing a criminal trespass charge against the unidentified woman.