Brussels Attacks

"You don't choose your family," he said.
Certainly a proper diagnosis of mistakes and the root causes of Islamist terror in Europe are necessary to formulate a plan
The Maelbeek station reopened on Monday, just over a month after deadly terror attacks shocked the city.
Najim Laachraoui held four French journalists captive for months, the lawyer of two former hostages said.
Over time, inevitably, European Muslim and Western culture will learn from each other and adapt to each other. It is up to all of us to decide with how much friction we want these tectonic culture movements to happen.
Let's get something straight: Unless you're Parisian, French, or live(d) there, no, you are not Paris. To be Parisian -- to be from anywhere, really -- is to understand the cultural complexities of that identity that cannot be subsumed or learned with a pithy solidarity meme on social media.
Jacqueline Galant quit after accusations she lied about an EU report that criticized security at Brussels Airport.
Non-proliferation and global nuclear security funding generally enjoy bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. Yet, without a strong advocate from the executive branch and with topline budget pressures from existing budget caps, it will be difficult for even the most committed lawmakers to increase funding.
"Numerous elements in the investigation have shown that the terrorist group initially had the intention to strike in France again."
Turkish police carried out a controlled explosion of a bag left in Istanbul's popular Taksim square after the U.S. embassy warned of "credible threats" to tourist areas.
We must reaffirm our resolve to continue building and perfecting our Union and upholding its core values - freedom, the rule of law, and respect for human rights.
BRUSSELS, April 8 (Reuters) -- Belgian police detained two key suspects on Friday in the Islamic State attacks on Paris and
The media has a journalistic duty to portray the facts as they are. But sadly they have become disingenuous in carrying out their duty when it comes to viewing the truth about Islam.