Buddy Roemer

Fulbright already has his own website, Facebook page and Twitter account. The effort echoes a previous venture by comedian
There is advocacy journalism and there is Citizen Koch.
In the short time this guy asks "What has America Become?," you may get an uncontrollable urge to say "Amen!" Read more on
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] So, considering that, why is this considered "news" by The Washington
While campaigning earlier this year in Newport, N.H., Huntsman delivered a vague response after a filmmaker asked whether
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), chairing a hearing of the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights
As I am no longer a candidate for president, I am free to pledge a good portion of the rest of my life to enacting campaign
That's too bad, because hardly any of the money spent by super PACs will go to "promoting interesting or worthwhile ideas
____________________ In the end, Nebraska conservatives looking for the genuine article picked correctly. But there are ramifications
So, it's very clear what Americans Elect's agenda was. It's just as clear that all the efforts it undertook to mask this
By and large, it's because he's opted to pursue his politics without being some kind of howling lycanthrope. Lugar has a
And if you follow the race closely, you're going to run up on a glut of polls and polling data from now until we all have
So far in Election 2012, we've seen a foul-mouthed Rush Limbaugh, men-only Congressional panels on women's rights, transvaginal probe laws and efforts to restrict women's access to contraception. And yet there's still a dispute over whether there's a war on women?
So we're at a crossroads here, and the candidates have choices. They could wage a high-minded campaign, rooted in substance
Of course, no one but Joe Scarborough knows how good Joe Scarborough's sources are, but his salient point is an oft-repeated
For Mitt Romney, not having to run for office with the similarity of Obamacare and Romneycare shining spectrally on the larger
Anyone who's been paying attention to Roemer over the past year knows that his key issue is money in politics and the systemic
But there's nothing to be done but look ahead. Romney sees a slew of eminently winnable states on April 24th as his next
Coupled with Gingrich's ambition to be a Reagan-like player at the Tampa convention is a lingering sense that this presidential
Bill Kristol says it's just getting started. Sarah Palin says all bets are off. Other GOP luminaries say that so far, what they've seen has been "a collective yawn." What are they talking about? The GOP race for the 2012 presidential nomination, that's what. And all of these assessments have been handed down from on high in the wake of Super Tuesday's results. But wasn't Super Tuesday a pretty unequivocal win for Mitt Romney, leaving him as the only candidate with a path to the nomination that doesn't require a series of miraculous events?