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This is pure and simple "lying." Some prefer the more polite term, "dissembling." Others call it spin. And now "alternative
It was never going to be easy to govern America in a progressive fashion, given the scale of the economic crisis left in place by the Bush Administration and the destabilized nature of the Middle East in the wake of the Iraq War.
Empire Of Chaos Cross-posted with TomDispatch.com The one thing you could say about empires is that, at or near their height
As a serious scholar, Mr. Andreas realized that entry-level education about peace cannot start with 500 page tomes on diplomacy, foreign policy and preventable wars.
Jackie and Dunlap on Colin Powell's email hack. Dunlap can't quit saying "dicking bimbos." But then, neither can you, probably. Also: Trump, Hillary, Bush, goats, Dr. Oz, Colin Kaepernick.
When we say that putting George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and other top officials in their administration in prison for war crimes would be justice, we endorse a criminal justice system that is more criminal than just, and where torture is a daily occurrence.
The next U.S. President will appoint three, possibly four, Supreme Court Justices. If that person is Trump, those justices will be right-wing hardliners who believe in the supremacy of the corporate oligarchy.
Given all the electoral noise surrounding "big beautiful walls" and calls for mass deportations of the alleged rapists and other criminals streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border, it is very easy to lose track of one simple and powerful fact: no relationship affects the United States more than our relationship with Mexico.
By the time my scout platoon and I got there (part of the 25th Infantry Division) in late 2007, the American military was in full-on strategy switch mode to counterinsurgency (COIN).
Indian Prime Minister Modi invited French President Hollande to be the guest of honor at India's Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi last month. The seat is generally reserved for, and used by the office of the Prime Minister as, a signal of close and important state ties.
The new Every Student Succeeds Act begins a new era, but it is one without needed federal accountability and with the hopes that states will fulfill their crucial responsibility to educate all their children fairly and prepare them for work and life.
For months now, the pundits and the GOP establishment have dismissed the dangers posed by the likes of Trump and Carson and Cruz. But as their rhetoric becomes harsher, with naked appeals to intolerance and even violence, it is time to wake up. Because they speak to an entire group's existential crisis
The Obama Administration has quietly approved expansion of a major pipeline carrying fracked gas destined for the global export market.
Jon Meacham's new biography of George H.W. Bush is causing a frothy and indignant stir in the Bush inner circle. I had my own experience writing an insider's account of a Bush White House.
Congress decided to stop reauthorizing IOGCC every three years and instead introduced an amendment giving it de facto permanent reauthorization. For an entity of its clout, the public knows very little about IOGCC's inner-workings. And that's not without reason.
Jeb Bush's recent use of "stuff happens" perfectly encapsulates the attitude about gun violence that is now prevalent in the Republican Party. The fact that this "stuff" happens more in America than anywhere else in the developed world doesn't seem to change their mind that mass shootings are an inevitable act of nature.
Poverty numbers have steadily risen for during the decade after Katrina. There's been no sign of a turnaround. For that to happen, there would have to be a massive commitment of funds to job training and education programs and greater tax incentives for businesses to hire the poor.
Finally: Last week, after a ten-year internal struggle, the American Psychological Association voted to ban its member psychologists from any involvement in national security interrogations and, more to the point, in torture.