Bushmaster Firearms

The families of nine people who died in the attack sued Bushmaster in 2014 in Connecticut Superior Court in Bridgeport.
The district security director was able to make the purchase without consulting the school board.
With people spray-painting rebukes on statues of John C. Calhoun and Robert E. Lee across the South, who would have thought the first icon to be pulled off his pedestal would be Atticus Finch?
Not quite. But the gun buying frenzy that began after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 and reached a fever pitch during President
"We were disposing of all types of equipment in preparation for a move, when we found these weapons in our vault," Forsyth
Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions in our national gun control debate. The issue is not whether we should have gun control laws in this country -- or what they should be.
Yet in the aftermath of Newtown, sales of Bushmasters soared and gun store owners across the country struggled to restock
Whether or not the Newtown killings persuade Congress to do something, it looks like Wall Street will. Gun industry investments are suddenly toxic.
While America continues to grieve over the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School and begins looking for answers, for Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry's multi-million dollar trade association, it's back to business as usual.
It is of course true that in politics the perception of power translates into the reality of power. The problem is that once it becomes clear that you're all hat and no cattle, the myth of power rapidly collapses into a pile of dust. That is exactly what is happening to the NRA.
In Orlando last weekend, "record crowds" lined up for the Florida Gun and Knife Show, with thousands attending the two-day
The intertwining interests of the NRA and the gun industry are also underscored by the gun company executives on the NRA
We are paying a high price so that a few million Americans can live the fantasy that one day they can resist an oppressive government with that Bushmaster in the closet.
While Cargill told myfoxaustin.com that he wasn’t trying to make a statement by choosing to auction off this particular gun
Last year, CalSTRS, which is the nation's second largest pension fund, adopted a policy calling for portfolio companies to annually report their expenditures on political contributions.
How fitting that Dan Quayle, a bumbling excuse for a vice president of the United States, should end up as a top executive of a $20 billion private equity firm mired in controversy.
Despite an epidemic of gun deaths, the river of gun cash never stops flowing. If you follow that river upstream you'll see that its source lies very close to Wall Street.
Instead of responding by saying no to the culture of violence, we are apparently responding by arming ourselves with more weapons. If that cycle of violence and fear is having such a deep psychological impact on adults, how do we expect our children to navigate or survive it?