Bushmaster Firearms

The families of nine people who died in the attack sued Bushmaster in 2014 in Connecticut Superior Court in Bridgeport.
The district security director was able to make the purchase without consulting the school board.
With people spray-painting rebukes on statues of John C. Calhoun and Robert E. Lee across the South, who would have thought the first icon to be pulled off his pedestal would be Atticus Finch?
Are Americans losing their appetite for assault weapons? Quarterly profits plummeted 31 percent year over year at Sturm, Ruger
"This was an opportunity to save tax payers here some money, so we jumped on it," Schatzman said. "Anytime we can be more
Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions in our national gun control debate. The issue is not whether we should have gun control laws in this country -- or what they should be.
The Freedom Group, which is based in Remington, N.C., is the oldest and largest manufacturer of firearms and ammunition in
Whether or not the Newtown killings persuade Congress to do something, it looks like Wall Street will. Gun industry investments are suddenly toxic.