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A volunteer was attempting to feed a tiger when the attack happened.
The two international editions have a combined staff of about 20 people.
As part of the deal, Verizon Media will make an undisclosed cash investment in BuzzFeed.
LGBTQ advocates urged the Democratic presidential hopeful to apologize for a 2019 video of him calling trans people “some guy wearing a dress” and “it.”
At the end of the decade, we celebrate the format that ruled the Internet. (Plus, lists always perform better with odd numbers.)
Workers have been negotiating with management for four months, including a meeting where BuzzFeed executives failed to appear.
The "John Wick 3" star even let one adorable lil' doggie eat his shoelace.
“I have heard of the Peloton, and have concluded that, like the use of cocaine, it’s another way of God saying people have too much money,” his argument began.
The mayor is siding with BuzzFeed News staffers after the company's executives bailed on a negotiation meeting.