Thomas Perez Jr.'s father was alive and well when police in California sought a confession for his killing, Perez's attorney said.
Kelli Elizabeth Yingling pleaded not guilty after authorities in Central California found her mother's body in a locked closet.
Rhean Jalipa Fontanoza, 46, is charged with murder in connection to the fatal shooting of his longtime friend and coworker, Expedito De Leon, 50.
A Trump-backed Republican California legislator won a special election to complete the remainder of the term of deposed former U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
Their union said they’re protesting the university’s “unlawful behavior” amid pro-Palestinian demonstrations.
Benjamin Hollins allegedly staged his own death at an Arizona bridge and had been living under a fake name with a family with children.
Dharmesh Patel pleaded not guilty to three counts of attempted murder after he allegedly drove his Tesla off a cliff with his family trapped inside.
Jerry Boylan was the first to abandon ship and jump overboard after the fire broke out, killing all passengers and one crew member.
Marian Kim Phelps was accused of threatening players for not clapping loudly enough for her daughter at an awards ceremony.
In 1968, the American Independent Party nominated segregationist George Wallace, the archrival of Kennedy's father, for president.