The Bobcat Fire in Los Angeles County has grown to at least 142 square miles, authorities said.
As the East Coast gets drenched and the drier West Coast is ablaze, climate change may not be the only factor.
The massive blaze started when a stunt intended to reveal the biological sex of an unborn baby went wrong.
What we all can do to aid the vulnerable farmers in California, Oregon and Washington who produce the food we eat.
Progressive Audrey Denney hopes to oust conservative Rep. Doug LaMalfa as the climate crisis devastates their Northern California district.
Cal Fire’s roughly 8,000 personnel have been fighting blazes from the Oregon border to the Mexico border.
"I wish science agreed with you," California official Wade Crowfoot told the president.
President Donald Trump and Democratic governors are clashing over the role of climate change in the wildfires ravaging the West Coast.
The president is headed to McClellan Park, a former air base just outside Sacramento, California on Monday.
Warnings of low moisture and strong winds threaten to fan flames after cooler conditions offered a brief reprieve.