California Primary

But the movement to oust hardline prosecutors did score some wins Tuesday night.
Republicans apparently won't be shut out of the general election to replace Gov. Jerry Brown after all.
Mail-in ballots and crowded primary fields mean winners could take weeks to determine.
Progressives are hoping for big wins in several key district attorney races in California's primary election.
The state's jungle primary system could leave Democrats locked out of key races in November.
The change to Super Tuesday could give the heavily Democratic state more political clout.
There are good reasons for Sanders to continue, and as a Sanders primary supporter, I think he should. But he does need to
This week the media edged closer to their Murrow moment. In the 50s, CBS broadcaster Edward R. Murrow took on Sen. Joe McCarthy and his unscrupulous red-baiting, helping bring about McCarthy's downfall. And this week, the media finally began to call out Donald Trump's racism and point out the cowardice of those like Paul Ryan, who admitted Trump's comments about Judge Gonazalo Curiel were the "textbook definition of racism" -- and yet continued to endorse him. So the media edged closer to their Murrow moment, but they still have a long way to go, judging by their reaction to Trump's speech after winning the California primary. Only Donald Trump could be praised for a speech just because it did not include any overt racism. But whether he "pivots" to being "presidential" or not, we know what he thinks, and we know what "textbook" beliefs his policies are based on. "This is no time," said Murrow of McCarthy, "to remain silent." Nor to ignore or euphemize the grave danger we're facing.
Before that, the crowd had reacted with anger and incredulity to TV news reports of Hillary's big California lead, crying
At 8 p.m. my 20 year old daughter ran over to the gym on her daily run to ride home with me. She is a first time voter and
I am one of those angry white women. You don't hear too much about us, mostly because, as you might expect in a country rife with institutionalized misogyny, all the focus is on the angry white men who support that pseudo-candidate with the fake hair and small hands.
Both Clinton and Sanders had campaigned heavily in the state.
Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf hits back at Donald Trump's comments about violence in her city.
Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf chats with HuffPost's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani about the California primary, improving education
There is nothing more American than our vote. There is too much to lose if we don't show up. I don't want someone else deciding if my loved one gets to sleep soundly at night without fear of deportation or how a Latina makes decisions for her future and her body. Do you?
Michael Reagan said Trump is the first GOP presidential candidate his father wouldn't support.