California Wildfires

Insurance companies have been trying to cut back on homeowner policies in the Golden State due to more frequent and intense wildfires.
The incident prompted the closure of a sprawling Southern California park as authorities continue to search for the cat.
Several thousand people remained under evacuation orders, 100 buildings have burned and at least four bodies have been found in the region.
Measures will bypass some environmental reviews to cut brush and smaller trees in national forests, angering some environmental groups.
The base of the colossal General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park was covered for protection against the possibility of intense flames.
Fire crews moved to ramp up the battle against two expanding fires threatening Sequoia National Park’s giant sequoia trees and infrastructure.
The change could allow fire crews to get into densely forested areas to begin clearing toppled trees and branches.
The Caldor fire burning in Northern California is spreading in “unprecedented” ways, leading to mass evacuations and destroying hundreds of homes.
The blazes have destroyed hundreds of homes and forced thousands of people to flee.
“We did everything we could,” fire spokesman Mitch Matlow said. “Sometimes it’s just not enough.”