California Wildfires

The Mountain View fire ravaged Walker, California, a mountain community near the Nevada state line, the week before Thanksgiving.
“THANK YOU,” one Republican ally told the president who has repeatedly threatened to punish California by cutting off wildfire assistance.
Devastation from the Glass fire has burned homes, schools and wineries down to the ground.
Everyone's favorite green alien — in doll form — has become an unofficial mascot for firefighters across the U.S.
Evacuation orders and warnings are in place for residents at more than 1,000 homes in foothill and desert areas.
Nine people, including a 16-year-old boy, have been confirmed dead since lightning-caused fires started weeks ago.
California residents have developed at once mundane and apocalyptic ways to cope with the worsening climate crisis.
The last thing the president said about California's catastrophic wildfires was in mid-August, when he blamed the state for not keeping its forest floors clean.
Between Tuesday and Wednesday, the fire exploded to six times its size and drove a path of destruction through mountainous terrain and parched foothills.
The San Francisco Bay Area was engulfed by an eerie, sepia-toned cloud of smoke and fog on Wednesday.