Six weeks after Canadian Thanksgiving, we’re seeing more COVID-19 cases than ever before.
"Oh my gosh!" one exclaims as the bear stood on her hind legs during their Canadian encounter.
It has been a U.S. election like no other, and global interest in the 2020 race to the White House has been unprecedented.
The accords build on international space law by establishing “safety zones” around future moon bases to prevent conflict between states.
Prime Minster Justin Trudeau called the medically denounced practice "harmful [and] degrading" as he urged lawmakers to support the revised bill.
Trudeau denounced "right-wing extremism, white supremacy and racism in all its forms," while other politicians highlighted branches of the Proud Boys in Canada.
The Netflix food and wine expert, who is of Polish descent, has been promoting a petition urging the European Union to condemn the discriminatory measures.
The analysis from seven international trials has prompted the WHO to recommend corticosteroid drugs for patients with severe and critical COVID-19.
The legendary singer's estate said it had specifically denied permission to use the song and was considering legal action.
The Arctic has been warming at twice the global rate for the past 30 years.