Jayme Erickson didn't know she was trying to save her own daughter because her injuries were too severe.
Reeves, who was born in Lebanon but solely holds Canadian citizenship, expressed his interest in becoming a U.S. citizen on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
Rail is never oil producers’ first choice, but a new transcontinental line could become the most attractive backup option when pipelines fail.
It's one of the biggest storms to hit Canada in generations.
Alexandros Hurdakis might not live to see Halloween. When his neighborhood in Hamilton, Ontario, found out, they brought it to his doorstep.
The final suspect in the stabbing rampage in and around the Canadian reserve died of self-inflicted wounds after his car was run off the road by police Wednesday.
Residents on an indigenous reserve in Saskatchewan are reeling from a stabbing rampage that left 10 dead and 18 wounded.
Canadian police say one of the suspects in the killing of 10 people in a series of stabbings has been found dead, and his injuries are not self inflicted.
Regina police in Saskatchewan are looking for two suspects involved in stabbings on the James Smith Cree Nation and in a village near Saskatoon.
College student and former Miss Teen Canada semifinalist Tanya Pardazi was killed during a solo dive in Ontario.