Casey "Ever" Hatherly said she's proud to have caused a commotion at the Juno Awards by "playing the cards that I’m dealt."
Animal advocacy groups mourned Kiska, who lived almost her entire life in captivity.
The rock legend hasn't performed for a live audience since the pandemic.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered the unidentified object flying high over northern Canada to be shot down one day after U.S. planes took similar action over Alaska.
The Quebecois cousin to Punxsutawney Phil "most likely died during hibernation," according to a Groundhog Day event organizer.
The Fox News host mocked Canada in a follow-up to his call for the U.S. to "liberate" the country from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
"Why should we let it become Cuba?" the Fox News host said after suggesting America launch an attack to "liberate" Canada.
The reporter fended off trolls after her on-air emergency and said there was a "reasonable explanation for what happened."
Crowds of bird-watchers have been visiting an Orange County neighborhood to gawk at the bird, which is normally found around the Arctic, Canada and the northern U.S.
“The actual decline is a lot larger than I would have expected,” said Andrew Derocher, a biology professor at the University of Alberta.