Around the world, conspiracies are traveling from fringe online communities into the mainstream political conversation.
The former U.S. president vouched for the Canadian prime minister in his reelection campaign, despite his history of wearing racist makeup.
“But did you paint your nose and your hands brown?" they asked the Liberal leader.
At the world gymnastics championships, Biles landed the double-double tuck dismount off the beam and the triple-double on the floor exercise.
Grizzlies in Canada are starving as the salmon population withers amid climate change.
Moviegoers, consisting mostly of older females, awarded the film with an A CinemaScore, the highest grade among this weekend’s new offerings.
The scandal has thrown Canada, and its upcoming election, into the spotlight, challenging Trudeau’s famous reputation as an inclusive, progressive leader.
Andreescu is both the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam and the first player born in the 2000s to capture the honor.
Her mom called police when her two dogs returned to the family cabin. One of them was bloodied.
The president floated the idea of gathering leaders at Trump National Doral, which he owns, for the next summit.
The third chapter in the Gerard Butler franchise had a stronger-than-expected opening weekend, earning $21.25 million.
From global trade tensions, to Brexit to the fires in the Amazon rainforest, leaders struggled to find common ground on the world's pressing problems.
"It’s literally the least I can do to try to make the world a bit better," Stewart Reynolds said.
The Trump administration has blamed the reported injuries of more than two dozen diplomats on a "sonic attack."
Leonard is coming off an all-time NBA playoff run that saw him lead the Toronto Raptors to Canada’s first NBA title.
Researchers call for emergency protections as 400 remaining animals fight for their lives.
Michael de Adder, whose contract was terminated by Brunswick News Inc. after 17 years with the company, said “overnight it was like I never worked” for them.
Canada won't sign on to U.S. fuel standards for the first time in two decades, a decision made after they were loosened by President Donald Trump.
Tiffani Adams says she awoke hours after her flight landed, soon lost power in her phone, and was trapped inside the plane.
Many officials including teachers and cops won’t be able to wear hijabs, kippas or other religious symbols on the job, thanks to Quebec’s new Bill 21.