Much of the Trans Mountain pipeline’s route lies within the territory of the Secwepemc Nation, which has never relinquished its land to the Canadian government by treaty, land sale, or surrender.
The Pontiff apologized last month for abuses in Canada’s church-run residential schools but wants to personally apologize to survivors of misguided Catholic missionary zeal.
For decades, airfare has been calculated based on the number of seats passengers wanted but now an airline is looking to buck the tried-and-true method for a payment system that they're calling the "fairest way of traveling."
The Pontiff begged forgiveness while meeting with members of the Metis, Inuit and First Nations communities who came to Rome seeking a papal apology.
The leaders hope to secure a papal apology for abuses committed against them by Catholic priests and school workers.
British Columbia is home to a group of coastal wolves that swim for miles every day and eat almost exclusively seafood.
The Russian envoy's letter about Ukraine received a blistering edit in red from Canada's mission to the United Nations.
As Ukrainians fight for their lives during the Russian invasion, the extremist lawmaker used their plight to nonsensically push her ideology.
“A blockade is not freedom; it blocks the liberty of all,” tweeted Bob Rae, Canada’s representative to the United Nations.