Capitol Riot

“They’re a violent militia group trying to overthrow democracy and they sound like waiters getting ready for work."
CNN's "K-File" resurfaced the top House Republican's comments to a California radio station just days after the Jan. 6 insurrection.
Ken Paxton's office has so far stonewalled requests for the information, even though he is supposed to be in charge of enforcing the public records law.
Staffers answering the calls handed them over to the police, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said.
The man, dubbed "RayBanTerrorist" by online sleuths, was no. 222 on the FBI's list of Capitol attack suspects.
U.S. Capitol Police believe the 58-year-old only wanted to share information.
The Post’s editorial board said an “unprecedented” step must be taken against the top House Republican.
The late night host even offered up a wild and "totally true" conspiracy theory of his own.
The "Daily Show" correspondent returned to the scene of the insurrection — where he found the Florida lawmaker.
The conservative analyst suggested Jan. 6 should not be called an insurrection unless someone is charged with it.
Previous requests to the tech companies resulted in "inadequate responses," the congressional committee investigating the Capitol riot said in a statement.
Several members of the right-wing organization have been arrested in connection with the attack on the Capitol.
It’s a stark reminder of “just how shameless” the top House Republican is, said the MSNBC anchor.
Ted Cruz and Marjorie Taylor Greene still suggest that feds helped start the riot.
The Republican lawmaker was in touch with Donald Trump the day of the Capitol riot, and the committee wants to know what they talked about.
Hours later, the House committee investigating the Capitol attack issued a statement debunking the theory.
Adam Kinzinger debunks a new myth about the Capitol riot pushed by Sen. Ted Cruz and Fox News' Tucker Carlson.
The committee also sent demand letters to two former Trump campaign advisers who allegedly helped plan the rally.
The "Late Show" host taunts the Ohio lawmaker over the allegations he just can't shake.
"Wow. I knew Ted had a thing for self-humiliation, but that is next level."