Car Crashes and Chase Scenes

The fatal collision occurred in Kentucky after local resident James Mcpheron purportedly lost control of his car.
A trooper with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol pulled over a vehicle for a traffic stop prior to the collision.
Police said Elliot Binney of Oklahoma was found miles away after allegedly crashing his car and leaving his family at the scene.
The couple’s surviving 2-year-old daughter was badly injured in the collision, which bystanders said sounded like an "explosion."
The rapper reportedly suffered neck injuries but was hospitalized in stable condition.
Alan Ruck was reportedly driving an electric Rivian pickup truck that slammed through the wall of a local pizzeria.
Investigators said the fireworks made it more difficult for firefighters to put out the blaze.
The wreck, which left the teen unconscious and not breathing, killed her 20-year-old boyfriend and his friend.
Officials say she appeared to lose control of her vehicle and was "shook up" by the crash.
Sara Nowak died in a wreck just hours after attending the funeral of her husband Louis, who died from cancer.