This is quite literally every commuter's worst nightmare.
In a statement, Thomas C. Janssen, spokesman for contractor Kiewit said there have been "significant challenges" and cited
Debbie Nussbaum, who lives in what she refers to as "ground zero" of the freeway construction -- bordered by Sunset and Wilshire
LOS ANGELES -- Flouting the strongly-worded warnings of county officials and law enforcement, former pro-skateboarder Cindy
As I drove home from babysitting in Burbank, an oracle named AMBER spoke to me on the eastbound 134: "405 FREEWAY OPEN," the huge overhead sign flashed in all caps. "THANK YOU LOS ANGELES." Alone in my car, my face grew hot, my throat constricted and suddenly I was crying.
The researchers also found that with an overall decrease in traffic across the Los Angeles area during the Carmageddon weekend
If you're flying in or out of LAX this weekend during the Carmageddon, it might not be the end of the world, even though
The second option is to go even further east, going north and south on the I-5. Other canyon routes that connect LA to the
This map contains the triathlon street closures and other potential traffic hotspots throughout LA during Carmageddon 2 weekend