"We're saying, get this thing done," Murphy said. Additionally, amid complaints from residents and car owners about alleged
The protest was planed for 2 p.m. outside the Westwood Federal Building on Wilshire Boulevard. Murphy did not immediately
Whitehead wasn't the only one to sneak onto the 405 freeway during Carmageddon II. A pair of newlyweds were caught taking
As I drove home from babysitting in Burbank, an oracle named AMBER spoke to me on the eastbound 134: "405 FREEWAY OPEN," the huge overhead sign flashed in all caps. "THANK YOU LOS ANGELES." Alone in my car, my face grew hot, my throat constricted and suddenly I was crying.
Study co-leader Suzanne Paulson, a UCLA professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences, said, "The air was amazingly clean
If you're flying in or out of LAX this weekend during the Carmageddon, it might not be the end of the world, even though
Here are the hard closures for Sunday's triathlon, and below is a map that shows several of the weekend activities that will
Westsiders could be in for even more of a "carpocalyptic" traffic scenario this weekend because of the Herbalife Triathlon
While we like to dabble all over town, the return of Carmageddon this weekend is a good excuse to exercise a little neighborhood pride. So whether you're a breezy Westsider or a hipper-than-thou Eastsider, we've got you covered for the weekend.
Last year in the run-up to Carmageddon, officials were downright apocalyptic about what the full closure of the 405 Freeway
Contractors working on this weekend's 405 freeway closure, dubbed "Carmageddon II", will be fined a generous fee if the job
When the organizers of the Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles found out that Carmageddon II was going to coincide with their
While they tell us all to stay off the freeways and major roads during Carmageddon II, let's celebrate and support all the
Aside from the unyielding traffic ramifications of Carmageddon II, San Fernando Valley and Westside Los Angeles residents
The Getty Center will be closed to visitors, scholars and most staff Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 29 and 30, during the demolition
During last year's weekend-long shutdown of the San Diego (405) Freeway, Angelenos heeded the warnings, stayed off the roads
LOS ANGELES (CBS) -- When completed, the 405 expansion project will create the nation's longest High Occupancy Vehicle Lane
People threatened to exploit the symbolism of a car-free 405 by riding bikes on it and using it for other environmentally