Caroline Kennedy

The Speaker of the House said she accepted the honor with "a full and humble heart."
I watched the excellent biopic, The Queen the other night and was struck by the exacting rules of behavior one is to follow when in the presence of the queen of England: bow or curtsey when you meet her; never turn your back to her. A little War of Independence waged in me every time the characters marched through these formalities. I imagined myself meeting Her Highness with my hand audaciously outstretched. I'm just that much of a rebel.
In March 1964, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. interviewed his famously private friend Jacqueline
Representatives for the State Department could not be immediately reached for comment. (Reporting by Susan Heavey; Editing
Children are far more sensitive to pollutants than adults. That's why hundreds of doctors signed a petition urging first Bloomberg and now de Blasio not to build a massive garbage site next to an athletic center in Manhattan used by 34,000 city kids.
When someone's son or daughter is killed in Yorkville by a garbage truck, it will indeed not be an accident. It will be a predicted and preventable death.
In 2011, on the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy presidency, Caroline Kennedy permitted the interviews to be shared with the world in an exhibit called "In Her Voice: Jacqueline Kennedy, The White House Years" at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston.
Among the thousands, maybe millions, of people who will stop what they're doing later this month and reflect on the life of John F. Kennedy, Jr. are two who played vitally important roles in his life.
Much of the discourse has focused on the needs and potential contributions of working mothers, but Father's Day weekend is an appropriate time to celebrate fathers and remind ourselves that work-life balance isn't just a women's issue.
'Morning Joe' Co-Hosts Tease Chuck Todd on his interview with Caroline Kennedy
This is a critical time for the the Asia-Pacific Pivot. Which is, of course, America's shift from its fateful post-9/11 fixations with the Islamic world of the Middle East and Central Asia to the rising Asia-Pacific.
The Japanese in 2010 announced a "new killing method." It involves destroying the spinal cord with repeated insertion of a metal rod. Even on paper, the "new killing method" makes no attempt to damage the brain, which would at least end consciousness.
Ambassador Kennedy was right to raise the issue, controversial or not. Open dissent and debate is exactly what Japan needs more of now, not less.
WAZA should stop making claims based on the false assertion that the dolphin hunts are somehow part of "Japanese culture." This is just a lame excuse for the lucrative captures and killing to continue.
Concerned with the growing problem of gun violence in Newark, Jessica Mindich decided to think of a creative way to repurpose guns into jewelry: "There's an issue of illegal gun violence in Newark, and I saw an opportunity to help a city."
The movie met with fierce opposition in Japan from groups saying it was "anti-Japanese" and an affront to traditional culture
TOKYO (AP) — U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has opened a weeklong trip to Asia aimed at showing the U.S. is still committed
Our children have given up on landlines, the postal service, and books made of paper. And, fatherless, Caroline has grown up.