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Cathie Black

Just about every human experiences some level of fear and self-doubt. If that's what you're feeling, how do you get yourself out of a constrained life frame?
After four decades leading the magazine publishing world -- even earning the title "First Lady of American Magazines" -- and a brief stint as Chancellor of New York City Schools, no one would disparage Cathie Black for slowing down and enjoying a quieter life. Quite the contrary -- she's starting something new.
2. Sheryl Sandberg The Facebook COO first met her mentor Larry Summers during her junior year at Harvard, when he helped
When the emails were finally released last week, after a two-year legal battle, they revealed a desperate public relations
My priest just told me that because of my personal healthcare decision, my husband and I have a lesser relationship and my children are sub-par to those born by natural family planning.
What was a remarkable year in news across the world, was also a remarkable year here in the Big Apple. Top officials resigned
The farewells take place from 12PM-1PM at Broadway Plaza between 43rd and 44th Streets. You'll also have the chance to share
Black's embattled tenure as Schools Chancellor may have been short lived, but it was fraught with controversies mainly concerning
In remarks Thursday that have since sparked some controversy, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg tackled school improvement
In a democracy, it is the people who need to have the power, not just the rich and powerful. Let us hope that Americans learn that their rights are very tenuous and need to be protected, rather than simply taken for granted.
A senior official of the city's Department of Preservation and Development was arrested Thursday morning on corruption charges
Black and her passenger were not injured, and the ex-chancellor's publicists insists that she was neither incapacitated nor
The way to make genuine change in a system that is failing hundreds of thousands of children is to revitalize the weakest schools.
To select an interim superintendent, eight of the board's 11 members must agree on a candidate. By different members' counts
Just 40 percent of New Yorkers approve of the mayor's job performance. That's up only slightly from the 39 percent approval
Whereas Black's tenure as chancellor involved making tasteless Sophie's Choice jokes, Walcott has been busy keeping the NYPD
Cathie Black may be gone, but parents, students and teachers are still suffering from the damage she caused during her brief
By firing thousands of their teachers, both Bloomberg and Walcott are telling 1.1 million kids that their needs are of little consequence.
The characteristics and experience of new leaders need to match the challenges they will face. This may seem obvious. But it often doesn't happen.
Adam Urbanski, president of Rochester’s teachers union, said Brizard had a tin ear. “Whenever someone complained against