Gina Riggi claims she and her colleagues were targeted by Rose’s “explicit sexual overtures” during their time working on two of his talk shows.
“The Late Late Show” host James Corden wasn’t going to let Bill Maher off the hook for offensive fat-shaming comments.
The singer has a plan to gain control of her masters in the wake of a $300 million deal with her former record label.
Analysts say the reunion will help both companies navigate an ever-competitive streaming landscape.
CBS renewed the show "Bull" despite allegations against star and executive producer Michael Weatherly of sexual harassment.
Darrell Johnson's departure came after he said in a CBS News interview that he would "absolutely not" want his daughter alone with the accused sex abuser.
"I’m not dishonoring the office – he does, every day," said the Democratic lawmaker, the first black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress.
The actress said that it took her a while for her to say “anus,” but “you just have to get used to it.”
The longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent said he "wouldn't stop complaining" about issues that ultimately led to the firing of many CBS executives.
The network recently renewed the actor’s show “Bull” after former co-star Eliza Dushku accused him of inappropriate behavior.
CBS has renewed “Bull” even though its star, Michael Weatherly, has been accused of sexual harassment while on set.
Eliza Dushku confronted the actor about harassing her on set. Her character was later written off the legal drama.
"CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell will take over "CBS Evening News," and John Dickerson will join "60 Minutes."
The changes include new co-anchors at "CBS This Morning" and likely a new anchor for "CBS Evening News," sources tell HuffPost.
The show explored a fifth dimension of uncharted TV territory.
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The company said it disagrees "with some statements" in Whitney Davis' account.
Moonves helmed the company for more than two decades before being outsted over sexual misconduct allegations.
The media mogul said the Duchess of Sussex has a "wonderful warm, giving, funny heart."
“It's like you short-circuit,” the “Game of Thrones” star said.
For the first time, women will run all three network morning shows.