Fans in Mexico will chant a gay slur during the NFL game.
Jason La Canfora erroneously reported that Colin Kaepernick would stand for the national anthem if signed to a team.
BOSTON - To mark the Opening Week of the 2017 Major League Baseball season, Digital Sports Desk (@DigSportsDesk) has assembled
Only by visiting the hallowed Augusta National course in person can one witness the Masters' attention to even the most minute detail and its determination to let every patron experience, to quote the soon-to-be-trademarked Jim Nantz catchphrase, "a tradition unlike any other."
It's time to usher in the annual rite of spring known as March Madness. While Cinderella grabs millions at the box office, a record number of small-screen viewers will be on the lookout for another kind of Cinderella who can prevent the Kentucky Coronation.
Lost in the shadows of towering headlines about LeBron's return home, the World Cup, and the All-Star Game, there is a headline not nearly as sexy, that will change the landscape for all student athletes across our nation.
Their boss, a guy named Ted Shaker, saw the same thing Stern saw in the discarded gem the NBA property had become. The game needed a little polish, a fresh coat of paint or luster and it needed someone to give it a chance.
For those in search of fresh fantasy football advice, there's a new analyst on the beat: Chad Johnson. The former NFL star
A charter member of the American League, the Cleveland organization has come under fire about the team's name before, including
While Thome has earned the distinction over the course of a 21-year career, some commentators are wondering if his pending accomplishment forces us to reassess what 600 homers means anymore.
Maybe the first Monday in April is the day we can point to where we all learned from sport in some way, and can use those examples in our everyday life.
And there have been the viral video campaigns...Steve Nash and 50 Cent, Dwight Howard, Kobe and Lebron... all done in fun
The next time you confusedly see in a 6'1'', 180 lbs. wide receiver running nude through the park, Chad Ochocinco's question remains: Why wouldn't he?
If so, CBS ought to clarify its policies and clearly indicate where its prejudices lie. Writing on MediaPost News yesterday
Ian Baker Finch, the former British Open champion who joined CBS Sports as a golf analyst in 2007, has suggested that he