The poverty rate jumped, and soon the number of uninsured people will rise too. But there's a way we could avoid all of that.
Despite entering false information, their work wasn't redone fully and in some cases the census takers received bonuses, the Office of Inspector General reported.
A U.S. House committee has passed a bill outlawing the distribution of fake or misleading materials that resemble census forms or prevent people from participating in the nation's head count.
Counting efforts including door-knocking and online responses are ending a month earlier than planned.
For decades, Black residents have been leaving some of the nation's largest cities while suburbs have seen Black population growth.
The 2020 census overlooked Black, Latinx and Native American residents at higher rates than a decade ago.
Experts predict the new center will be 12.8 miles southwest of Plato, Missouri, which has held the title since the 2010 Census.
The white population is aging and has fallen to its smallest share of the total population on record, the Census Bureau found.
The U.S. Census Bureau is releasing new population data that will be used to reshape U.S. House seats and state legislative districts for the next decade.
It’s “really hard for one party to win when the other party has designed the maps,” said political scientist Chris Warshaw.