Central Park

The Trump Organization profits around $17 million a year from two ice rinks and a carousel it runs in Central Park and a golf course in the Bronx.
New York City police said Marquis Ventura, 35, sucker-punched the "Ghostbusters" actor near Central Park last month.
Amy Cooper's second 911 call falsely claimed a Black man "tried to assault her," prosecutors said.
The May 25 incident was shown on a video that went viral.
Statements posted on Instagram say that Bell's character on Apple TV's "Central Park" and Slate's on Netflix's "Big Mouth" will be recast with Black or mixed-race actors.
The woman had surrendered her pet to a rescue group after footage of her 911 call went viral.
Cooper on CNN decried the death threats directed at the woman, saying that made no sense and defied logic.
The racist incident is prompting discussions about the long history of white people falsely reporting Black people to the police.
The man said he asked the woman to leash her dog. The woman is heard saying she would tell police "there’s an African American man threatening my life."
Cast members dream of their special times in the city before COVID-19.