Change My Mind

Your change initiates from you. You may seek a professional to help you, yet you are the pilot and the counselor is the copilot. You guide the work, while your supporter uses his or her training and skills to jump-start or turbo boost your own efforts. Keep aware that you are in the driver's seat.
Now public school children and teens are rebelling at the healthy food they feel is being shoved at them on a government
The World Post
Last week, the Pew Research Center released its annual survey of European attitudes to America. While anti-Americanism has
But those who oppose the measure say Michigan already has an energy policy requiring the state to source 10 percent of its
It's one of our biggest national crops. Vegetarians abide by its alternative protein source. And it is central to much of
Who hasn't heard of the marvels of soy? The marketing bandwagon has touted soy as the perfect health food for decades. But could something that sounds so healthful actually be dangerous?
Soybeans are handy. Aside from the traditional foods they bring us, they transform into tasty substitutes for milk, yogurt, bacon, burgers, and more. With no animal fat, cholesterol, or sensitizing animal proteins, they side-step the problems that animal products can cause.
'Fifty Shades of Grey' has led to many discussions about its content, and its relationship to the role of women. A recent
Last month, a group of Chicago aldermen introduced an ordinance touted to make it easier for food trucks to do business in
Chicago's new food truck ordinance has a significant number of reforms, which can seem complex, but were established to ensure public safety, dispel the competitive concerns of established businesses and help the food truck industry grow.
All that I ask from Mayor Emanuel and the city council is to give my fellow food truck owners and me the same opportunity to grow our businesses and contribute to the amazing culinary community in Chicago as my mother had, 34 years ago.
Now Yankees fans aren't obsessed enough to take Sinatra's song for themselves and themselves alone. We understand it's integral
When New York City's Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced last week that he planned to propose a municipal ban on large sodas
New York
But Pippa never wanted to be a royal, did she? An international sensation? She just wants to write party planning books called
See a video of Bissinger and Gladwell's debate with Green and Whitlock. "I don't say this to be a jerk—I like sports—but
"Marvel's The Avengers" has arrived in theaters with a bang. RELATED: "Marvel's The Avengers" and 29 Other Summer Must-Sees
Is federal funding the best way to fund the arts? The worst? We've asked two experts on opposing sides to argue their case.
Arts lovers: go ahead and write your letters to Congress asking for level funding, that 6% increase, or whatever you want. But once federal funding becomes less of a joke, it may well become more of a headache.