Chapel Hill Shooting

“In a time when someone like Trump could become our president, it is important to share with people the deadly cost of hate.”
Vanderbilt University is no stranger to individuals who make irresponsible statements about Islam. Last year, Carol Swain, a Vanderbilt professor, stated that, "Islam has a problem with the West. Islam will never understand the freedoms that we live and die to preserve."
On this tragic day, the heavens screamed as three angels were killed. But on this very same day, a legacy was born. Here are 10 things we can learn from Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha, in the words of their closest friends.
Other charitable initiatives, such as the "Dunk for Deah" and "Our Three Winners Feed Their Legacy", were organized. The
Before his death, the Chapel Hill shooting victim tweeted about his dream for his community. His loved ones aren't going to let that dream fade away.
Family was a huge part of Razan, Yusor, and Deah's life, and I know that respecting the wishes of their families was what they wanted. Farris Barakat, Deah's big brother, posted: "Deah's last text to his mother: 'I love you mama.'"
When did you first encounter Hicks? Imad Ahmad: When we were moving in [in August 2013.] At first it was just Deah and me
Activists in the Muslim community met at a private home earlier this week and discussed the death penalty option. But more
A hearing will be held in early April for prosecutors to present their evidence to a judge, a member of the district attorney's