Charles Manson

The cult leader "could have been a professional hypnotist," the "Machete" star revealed in his new memoir.
On Thursday, a California panel recommended that Van Houten be paroled after serving nearly five decades in prison.
There is something "deeply sinister" about Trump pardoning the murderer and racist cult leader, Williamson said. But the entire story was fake.
Van Houten, the youngest member of Charles Manson’s murderous cult, had been previously denied her release twice by former Gov. Jerry Brown.
If Van Houten's case withstands review, her fate will rest in the hands of California’s new Gov. Gavin Newsom.
The actor will take over the role of a ranch owner who housed serial killer Charles Manson and his followers.
Pledging to tell the stories of the cult leader's victims meant journeying to dark places.
“It doesn’t matter who it is acting in it – it’s just tasteless.”
One man's trash is another man's treasure.
A pen pal and men claiming to be Manson's son and grandson are battling for the killer's estate.