Charleston Shooting

The shooting survivors sued the government over the failure of an FBI-run background check system to prevent the purchase of the murder weapon.
Dylann Roof has decided to represent himself in front of the jury that will decide whether he is to live or die and forego
An artist creates a powerful memorial to the nine black parishioners killed at Mother Emanuel.
We should never forget Miss Susie, or any of our persevering Church Mothers.
“I went to that church in Charleston and, uh, I did it,” Roof said of the shooting that killed nine.
He's accused of fatally shooting 9 people in a Charleston, South Carolina church.
Earlier this month, defense attorneys had raised concerns for the first time about whether Roof was able to understand the nature of the proceedings against him and to assist in his defense.
Another inmate reportedly punched Roof several times on his way to the shower.
The argument that the death penalty is unconstitutional is a typical line of defense.
“Together, we can fight for that change. Together, we can heal. Together, we can love.”