Charter Schools

The former mayor’s education work made him a national darling. But the people of Newark are ambivalent about his reforms.
Leaders of the nation's oldest civil rights group say that members are being paid by right-wing groups to infiltrate the organization and sow chaos.
The Democratic presidential candidate, who as a New Jersey mayor backed charter schools, pledges to fight GOP efforts to privatize the education system.
10 of the 2020 contenders answered questions at a forum hosted by the nation's largest teachers union.
These charter school teachers are watching from the sidelines as their livelihood faces growing criticism.
Teachers went on strike in February over a bill they opposed. A few months later, they face the same fight.
The Obama administration, on the other hand, championed charter schools.
The release of the 2020 presidential hopeful's proposal coincides with the anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision.
Last year's fight was over compensation. This year's fight was over charter schools.
Republican lawmakers are seeking to create charter schools, a move many teachers see as retaliation for their previous walkout.
Teachers at traditional L.A. public schools aren't the only ones striking. So are educators from charter schools.
Unions are hoping momentum from successful teacher walkouts can lead to midterm victories.
The current debate over school funding must move beyond teacher salaries and whether the books in public schools are tattered.
Teachers say they left the meeting disappointed and frustrated.
The school system is now allowing girls to tie their school sweatshirts around their waists.
Dozens of school districts will close again as Kentucky teachers protest the "dismantling" of public education.
Radical self-interest and self-preservation is the rotten, racist core of ideology of "school choice."
At a charter high school in a high-poverty area of Brooklyn, New York, many kids don’t graduate in four years. Seeing their achievements requires looking beyond the data.
“She was a wake-up call to everyone who was concerned about the future of public education."
School voucher programs, which Betsy DeVos hopes to expand, have helped fund Scientology-linked schools.