Chevron Refinery Fire

Chevron sending up massive flares in Richmond is not the only sign things are getting hot for the oil giant on the run from a $11 billion verdict.
The circus of lies, denial and propaganda videos that has become the Chevron annual shareholder meeting took place at Chevron's San Ramon, California headquarters once again yesterday.
Following close to 5000 emails and a letter from over 40 environmental and human rights NGOs, a spirited group of activists disrupted the San Francisco Commonwealth Club's annual gala last week.
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Chevron spokeswoman Melissa Ritchie blasted the lawsuit when it was announced. The suit alleges that while Chevron ignored
Chevron has said it plans to resume operations at the refinery sometime before the end of June. Visit the Contra Costa Times
Every day people who live near refineries breathe polluted air, yet oil companies continue to oppose efforts for accountability and continue to put their bottom line ahead of the health and well being of their neighbors.
The Richmond Museum of History is opening an exhibit Tuesday about the history of the Chevron refinery in commemoration of
The blaze that ripped through Chevron's oil refinery in Richmond Monday night could be seen for miles across the bay. Photographers