“The violence just has to stop," said Raven Adams, Reign Ware's mother. "How long is this going to go on? Until everybody kills everybody?"
Even Barack Obama says no one past the age of 8 should do it.
Dorothy Jean Tillman is the youngest person in Arizona State University history to earn a doctoral degree in integrated behavioral health
Pete Crow-Armstrong did what he could to avoid the tag, baffling announcers.
City officials determined the section of sidewalk bearing the imprint of an animal was damaged and needed to be replaced.
Everything we've seen during the past two years has shown us that this model is working.
The suspect was arrested Wednesday hours after he allegedly killed Jayden Perkins and seriously wounded his mother, 33-year-old Laterria Smith.
The gunshot detection technology was meant to alert police immediately to the location of gunfire. Newly released video shows what became a near fatal flaw.
The cross-country flight was forced to land in Chicago on Wednesday after a note was reportedly found in the plane's bathroom.
Brandon Johnson said he would end the contract during his campaign, and now he followed through.