A derecho can cause damage more like an inland hurricane than a quick, but more powerful tornado.
The overnight chaos amounted to “abject criminal behavior” and was not part of an organized protest, according to the city's mayor.
Michael Kopech filed for divorce after just months of marriage.
The former Chicago Bears coach's opposition to the kneeling protests is still ill-informed four years later.
A second statue of Columbus was also removed early Friday in Chicago’s Little Italy.
Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Kansas City and other cities are struggling with crime, but a surge of federal officers is no quick fix.
Federal interference in Portland, Oregon, has been widely condemned by local officials.
The city has seen an uptick in gun violence.
DHS may deploy the agents in an effort to bring down crime, following a similar move in Portland, Oregon, that local officials condemned.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called Kayleigh McEnany a “Karen” after the White House press secretary referred to her as a “derelict mayor” at a briefing.