"Only the Illuminati are supposed to know this ancient Truth," one person joked on Twitter.
During an interview with CBS Chicago, Illinois State Rep. Jaime Andrade rubbed the top of his head and said, "I think they just got me."
Federal prosecutors say the Chicago-based agent bilked the Delta SkyBonus program.
The Chicago Sky center ultimately got justice after the embarrassingly bad call.
NBC's broadcast picked up the intriguing declaration in an otherwise dull game.
Lori Lightfoot hit out at the Republican Texas senator after he cited Chicago as an example for why "gun control doesn't work."
Farhan Sheikh, 19, wrote on his iFunny page that he intends to “murder any doctor, patient, or visitor," according to a federal complaint.
"This was a sick game" conducted by two employees at the Abington of Glenview, Illinois, an attorney for Margaret Collins' family said.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the first daughter's tweets "nonsense."
Chicago hospitals were stretched to breaking point on Sunday morning, after 18 people were shot in three hours.
The president continued to spread discord as he spoke in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Chantel Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were members of Mothers Against Senseless Killings, which fights to end gang violence on Chicago's South Side.
A Chicago judge told the actor's lawyers that he was standing by his decision to appoint a special prosecutor to reexamine the case against Smollett.
Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were killed in a drive-by shooting as they stood watch "at their usual spot" to protect their neighborhood.
The board found that officers exaggerated the threat 17-year-old Laquan McDonald posed to justify Jason Van Dyke shooting the black teen 16 times.
The gator will reportedly live out his days in a sanctuary or a zoo.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been outspoken against cooperation with federal immigration officials, but activists want her to sign an executive order proving it.
The president confirmed that his administration would launch raids in at least 10 cities this weekend. But on Sunday, there were no mass roundups in sight.
The new charges address longstanding rumors that the disgraced R&B singer paid off the family of the girl in his infamous child sex tape.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she'll halt any Chicago police cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, but refuses to put it in writing.