Child Abuse

Child sexual abuse laws were intended to hold adults accountable, but as a Columbus case shows, minors have increasingly had the laws used against them.
The actor was criticized for supporting a charity whose mission is to stop sex crimes while also having supported a friend convicted of sex crimes.
The Utah mother of six who gave parenting advice on YouTube made her initial court appearance on Friday.
Ruby Franke and her business partner were arrested last week after an allegedly malnourished child with “open wounds” asked for help from a neighbor.
Authorities in Oregon said Antonio Arredondo used social media to specifically seek single mothers with young daughters.
"Masculine pride, or what’s known as machismo in my culture, goes hand in hand with repression."
The Irish singer who once famously tore up a photo of the pope on live television has died at age 56.
Marty Decole "Cole" Wagner was also an employee of the state education department.
Jessica Gasser, 27, posted daily updates to her 24,000 TikTok followers about her daughter’s treatments, which authorities say were unnecessary and harmful.
A restaurant worker in Tennessee allegedly discovered “unconscionable videos and pictures of children” on Camilo Hurtado Campos' phone.