Chile Earthquake

Living in the middle of the Pacific has its downfalls.
On September 16th an 8.3 magnitude earthquake hit Chile, displacing one million people and killing five. On September 18th
The estimated time of arrival of the initial wave is 3:11 a.m. HST on Thursday.
Authorities issued a tsunami alert for the country's entire coast.
(Reporting By Jane Wardell; Editing by Paul Tait and Michael Perry) SYDNEY, March 30 (Reuters) - A major earthquake with
WASHINGTON, Feb 11 (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck northeastern Chile on Wednesday, very close to the border
SYDNEY, Jan 7 (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck off the west coast of Panama on Wednesday, about 261 kms (162.18
Hundreds were evacuated after a 7.6-magnitude aftershock rattled Chile's northern coast Wednesday night, the Associated Press
Authorities in the U.S. state of Hawaii were on alert, but no tsunami watch was issued. The tsunami center said any higher