President Donald Trump also delayed a planned tariff hike on Chinese imports this week in a conciliatory gesture.
Yujing Zhang was arrested in March for allegedly lying to a Secret Service agent to get into President Donald Trump's private club.
The downturn in farm belt fortunes amid Trump's trade war with China isn't good for the president going into 2020.
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the Hong Kong airport on Sunday, hours after violent clashes broke out between protesters and police.
For the first time since Trump launched his trade war, American households face price increases.
A march was not permitted by police, but protesters took to the streets anyway, building a wall out of barricades and setting it on fire.
Lee Meng-chu went missing after sharing photos documenting the Chinese military buildup on the Hong Kong border.
China is a now a "lost market" for agriculture, said Roger Johnson as he sounded the alarm on U.S. farmers' dire situation in Trump's failing trade war.
Trump's claim goosed financial markets rattled by his intensifying trade war rhetoric.
Hong Kong demonstrators explain, in their own words, why they’re enraged, disappointed and afraid -- and why the protests aren't likely to have a tidy ending.
There were "numerous ... highest-level calls" from the Chinese, Trump insisted, but when pressed for details later, he said he didn't want to talk about them.
During the G-7 summit, President Donald Trump claimed serious trade talks with China are on the table.
The president has been under pressure to scale back a U.S.-China trade war partly blamed for a global economic slowdown.
The White House economic adviser asserted that Trump could legally demand that private companies cut ties with China.
The Trump administration has repeatedly claimed its tariff battle with China isn't hurting Americans.
Asked during the G-7 summit whether he had regrets over the ongoing trade dispute, the president said: "I have second thoughts about everything."
The editorial slammed Trump's imperious order to U.S. businesses, blowing a gasket and tanking stocks in no-win trade war with China.
The president suggested on Wednesday that his escalating trade war with China was preordained by God.
Trump faces a tepid reception as anxiety grows over a global economic showdown and tension over trade, Iran and Russia.
“Rarely do you see Donald Trump caught without something to say," said MSNBC's Ari Melber, who shared the 2012 clip.