The order by the district with some 2 million residents follows a series of infections as China tightens anti-disease controls before hosting the Winter Olympics.
“Hell is not hot enough for Chamath Palihapitiya,” one Uyghur refugee, Salih Hudayar, offered in response.
Ai Weiwei helped design the Bird's Nest stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It will also host the opening ceremony for Beijing’s Winter Olympics on Feb. 4.
With the success of the Games and China’s national dignity at stake, Beijing is doubling down on its “zero-tolerance" COVID-19 policy.
A woman in Zhengzhou went viral after sharing what happened when her date offered to make her dinner just before thousands were rushed into quarantine.
Anyang has locked down residents because of a COVID-19 outbreak, raising the number confined to their homes in China to about 20 million people.
A pregnant woman in the city of Xi'an miscarried outside the hospital after being refused entry, reportedly for not having current COVID-19 test results.
In many places around the world, plans for New Year’s Eve celebrations were muted or cancelled for the second year due to coronavirus infections.
Stand News says it is ceasing operations following a police raid and arrests of current and former editors in a continuing crackdown on dissent.
China has also been dealing with a substantial outbreak in several cities in the eastern province of Zhejiang near Shanghai.
China has been accused by human rights groups of abusing ethnic and religious minorities, allegedly forcing them to be sterilized and work in camps.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the country will join the U.S. and other nations in not sending a delegation to the 2022 games.
The White House announced that the United States will diplomatically boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China but the athletes will still compete.
The last full U.S. Olympics boycott took place in 1980, when the U.S. refused to participate in the Summer Games to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Famous Chinese photographer Chen Man promised to "improve my ideologies."
The International Olympic Committee said the three-time Olympian, who accused a former Chinese government official of sexual assault, appeared in a video call.
Peng Shuai dropped from sight after she accused a powerful former official of the Chinese government of sexual assault.
Where is Peng Shuai? Concern is mounting over the Chinese tennis star’s disappearance after accusing a former top government official in China of sexual assault.
The president is under pressure to boycott the Olympics in protest of China's human rights abuses.