"Why don’t you release your tax returns and stop talking about corruption?” the Democratic contender said in the presidential debate.
The "Late Night" host riffed on a new report of the president's business interests in the country as the GOP attacked Joe Biden's family on China dealings.
The report would seem to undercut the GOP’s efforts to smear Hunter Biden for his links to business deals in China.
Geopolitics may have played a role in not using the 250,000 test kits as the Trump administration is locked in a trade war with China.
Chinese internet users and state media took the comments as a slap at Chinese soldiers who fought alongside North Korean forces during their failed attempt to annex South Korea in the 1950-53 war.
China has reported no new domestically transmitted cases since early August, but it remains on high alert.
China is shifting from detaining Uighurs in makeshift public buildings to constructing permanent mass detention facilities, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute alleges.
The trade body ruled that the U.S. didn't adequately substantiate its claim that the products hit with the tariffs benefited from allegedly unfair Chinese practices.
Disney's latest live-action film, which has been plagued by controversies, is off to slow start at the international box office.
Connections with Xinjiang have proven to be the latest in a series of headaches embroiling the live-action version of "Mulan."