Chris Colfer

The actor joins an all-star cast that includes Joan Collins and Kim Kardashian.
When you point a finger at someone you are pointing one right back at yourself. Staying silent means that you're agreeing and accepting that these homophobic practices and this lack of progress is valid.
One thing the theater community does well is celebrate its own. And Polly Bergen was a member of the theater community. Now, as I previously wrote, the League of American Theaters and Producers opted not to dim the lights for her.
Polly Bergen was a real class act. She had a grace about her, an intangible quality that not many possess.
Who's responsible for letting actor/author Chris Colfer voice his own audiobook, The Land of Stories, a Grimm Warning? Aside from garbled words, his fourth grade reading technique is a formidable obstacle to getting past the first chapter.
Class is now in session. We don't want to overhype it, but even the German World Cup team was probably thinking, "Hey, ease
The actor's publicist told THR that Colfer is on a mid-Atlantic flight without WiFi access and not immediately available
Hillary Clinton looked positively gleeful when Chris Colfer surprised her at a recent book signing in Los Angeles. He tweeted
Attention Glamberts and Gleeks! Kurt and Starchild have a friendly rivalry, which is why the episode is aptly titled "Frenemies
Trevor Hero Award honoree Jane Lynch couldn't have been prouder. "It means the world to me," she says of being honored this
2013-11-06-weeklingscelebhalloweencostumessmall.pngNow that All Hallows' Eve is well over, we can officially count down the best and gayest celebrity costumes of 2013. I scrounged Instagram for the finest star getups and came up with this pack of heroes.
"The third episode will deal with the Finn Hudson character being written out of the show," Reilly told reporters at TCA
He seemed confident the show would continue to tackle more groundbreaking subject matter moving forward, adding, "I can't
Return Glee to the gift to fans it was when the show originated. Give fans a reason to root for their favorite characters again and let them have storylines that are real. Let fans find Glee.
This Freaky Friday season of Glee has turned the show on its head and fandoms upside down. There have been several occasions where I've thought about letting go of the show I've cherished.