Chris Cuomo

"I think that if you had proof that the president was right, you’d be giving it to me right now, Ken," the CNN host told Trump official Ken Cuccinelli.
CNN's Chris Cuomo said Castro's attack on Joe Biden "seemed like a cheap shot."
“When George Orwell wrote this it was just fiction. Now it’s just frightening."
The CNN host sounds the alarm: Now we know exactly how the president acts in a crisis.
The CNN host swiped at the White House press secretary for her role in enabling President Donald Trump's lies.
"Put whoever you want on your show," Lemon told Cuomo. "But the audience gets nothing from her because she’s not telling the truth."
"America has always represented respect for law, but not at the cost of our humanity, not by doing what Trump wants to do to the needy."
Former White House communications director said Trump's staff is too scared to leave and speak out against him -- but they're hoping for a rescue.
The CNN host thanked his Fox News rival for having his back during the "Fredo" video incident.
"We never learn!" the president tweeted in response to high-profile figures, including Fox News' Sean Hannity, backing Cuomo after a man called him "Fredo."
The new apparel is the latest in the campaign's line of rage-baiting merchandise.
After a man allegedly called him "Fredo" in an argument, the CNN host was seen on video claiming that the insult is comparable to "the n-word."
CNN defended its primetime host, calling the incident "an orchestrated setup."
The CNN host also advised Trump how to behave in his visit to the victims of the weekend's mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.
Kris Kobach, former secretary of state of Kansas, struggled when asked what he'd do if Trump admitted he was a racist.
The musician also told CNN’s Chris Cuomo how he tackles Trump-supporting hecklers.
O'Donnell thinks the former vice president would be better deployed elsewhere in the Democratic fight against Donald Trump.
"The one thing you cannot say about Joe is that he’s a racist," she said of her husband, the former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful.