Chris Matthews

Video from 2003 shows 18-year-old Ramaswamy asking the Rev. Al Sharpton why he should vote for an inexperienced politician.
After less than a month, streaming service CNN+ is being closed by CNN’s new owners.
The former "Hardball" host was accused of making inappropriate comments as well as other sexist behavior.
She has no regrets about the race; now she has extra time to prank-call big banks.
“Guys are married for a million years, they want to flirt for two seconds," he said, excusing Matthews' creepy comments.
The MSNBC journalist took over the rest of the hour after the "Hardball" host announced his resignation.
The "Hardball" host said Monday would be his last show.
The MSNBC host wondered why Democrat Jamie Harrison would be at a Trump rally. He was actually seeing a different Black politician.
Journalist Laura Bassett has a theory on why the “Hardball” host defended Mike Bloomberg: because Matthews has been inappropriate to her, too.
Trevor Noah's team put together a two-minute montage of the MSNBC host's objectifying remarks.