Chris Wallace

The Arkansas senator blocked Barack Obama's pick in 2016 because he claimed to believe then that voters should first choose their next president.
Asked about Republican National Convention attendees sitting close together, the Trump campaign adviser said that "people want to get back to normal."
Wallace and analyst Brit Hume said the president's hour-plus speech went on far too long.
”I don’t see it as a legitimate thing that should be addressed, so we’re not going to address it," the White House chief of staff snapped at Chris Wallace.
Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, Dana Perino and Karl Rove all gave the former vice president high marks.
Fox News’ Chris Wallace said it’s “troubling” that President Donald Trump claims the 2020 election is “rigged” against him.
Wallace commented on Trump's claim that "the only way we’re gonna lose this election" is if it's rigged.
Chris Wallace and Dana Perino had only good things to say about the former first lady's address.
"Trump has no plan. Never has. Never will," the spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch says.
Jason Miller twice declined to say whether Trump is accepting or will accept foreign aid, calling the question "silly" before finally answering.