Chris Wallace

The acting chief of staff defended the president wanting to host the G-7 summit at his private Florida estate despite ethics concerns.
Wallace will "never be his father," Trump complained, referring to the late TV journalist Mike Wallace.
The then-House speaker didn't think it was unconstitutional when he led the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Wallace said.
“It does not matter,” Rep. Chris Stewart said about a second whistleblower coming forward with information on Trump's Ukraine call.
The senior White House adviser pushed a far-right conspiracy theory that the Ukraine whistleblower is a "deep state operative."
The anchor called out Trump allies for dismissing the "very damaging" whistleblower complaint about the president's dealings with Ukraine.
The Fox News host questioned President Donald Trump's attempt to host Taliban leaders at Camp David just days before the anniversary of 9/11.
The anchor warned the president's trade war with China could spell trouble for consumer confidence.
"There is a clear pattern here," the Fox News host told acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.
"So, is Fox News’ motto, ‘We report and decide before the thing’s over?'"
The "Fox News Sunday" host also grilled the president's policy adviser about the racist birther conspiracy theory Trump has peddled about Obama.
"There is clearly a stark income inequality in this country," the Fox News host told the White House chief economic adviser.
Chris Wallace and Shep Smith both claimed "something's wrong" with the president's version of events.
The secretary of state snapped at Fox News' Chris Wallace for asking about "a Washington piece of silliness."
“You don’t want any hint of foreign interference” in an election, noted the Fox News host.
The 2020 Democratic candidate had a simple answer when Chris Wallace asked about her statement that women should have a seat at the table.
The Democratic senator said Fox News had been a "problem" when it came to language around abortion. Host Chris Wallace said the lawmaker wasn't being "polite."
"You’re becoming the judge and jury," complained Graham, who said in the late '90s that ignoring a congressional subpoena was an impeachable offense.
The South Bend, Indiana, mayor running for president did not take the bait Sunday at his Fox News town hall when asked about his opinion on abortion rights.
Last week, the president falsely claimed that China was paying tariffs directly to the U.S. Treasury Department.